Sunday, 22 November 2009

St Germain - St Jean du Gard

Lots to see

Who cares about sore feet when your eyes are feasting!

Gardon River

Our final evening - Hotel L'Orange

So pretty, a great place to finish our walk

Helmut farewells our host - and everyone's own adventures continue

Cassagnas - St Germain de Calberte

Eric and Bev investigate a menhir - standing stone

Eric ponders the old and the new

St Germain another cute village with another cute lamp post

After a hard day's walk Bev loves to go exploring

And another delicious meal

Florac - Cassagnas

The beautiful views - Hotel du Parc

Eric and Max contemplate the day ahead

Enjoying the scenery

The ruins of Chateau St Julien D'Arapon

Following an old railway track

Lunch by the river

Home for the night - Chambre d'Hotes Espace Stevenson

Life's tough, but someone's got to do it.

Pont de Montvert - Florac

A happy group of walkers heading off for the day - what is Helmut doing?

Rex, William, Bev and Di begin the huge climb out of Pont de Montvert and the huge 28km ahead!

What views!

Bev searches for lunch and Fay rests her feet

Le Blaymard - Pont de Montvert

Entering the alpine region of The Cevennes

Our path is guided by upright granite montjoies obelisks of unknown age

Mont Lozere - summit of Filials - 1 699 m - we made it!

Breathtaking views

Pont de Montvert

Can't help taking photos of yet another lamp post ....

... and stone bridges

Howard tells us about his day ...

... and Helmut entertains us with his party trick. At this restaurant one man served 35 people all on his own; wine, food and cleaning up. It was a LONG night.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Chasserades - Le Blaymard

Photos of week 2 of the walk - taken by Eric and Dianne.

Leaving Chasserades. Note train tunnel ahead for protection from snow.

Picturesque village of Mirandol

Rover guards his home growling at me as I take his photo

Diane and William enjoy the scenery

Le Blaymard - a welcome sight after a long day's walk

Rex isn't far behind

Time for a well earned drink

Another cute village

and another delicious meal

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Leaving Chasseradès for Robyn, Len, Jan and I :(

Our home for the night(s) near Chasseradès, though it nearly wasn't for Robyn, Len, Neil and Jan due to un erreur in the booking. Thanks to the others for sharing.

Our jolly and easygoing host.

Here come the friendly Germans with their donkeys.

Chasseradès main station!

Au revoir to the departing four. Len nearly departed for good when trying to reach the connecting train in Nimes! That's another story!